Singing water!

On to the coast today! For most of us, this was what we were waiting to see: these amazing clear, blue waters. Lunch in Zadar was very refereshing with a serving of fresh fish. We enjoyed dalmatian bruschetta and wine right on the water! It was beautiful!

We walked along an ocean path to the sea organs. They were so neat! Music is created by sea waves splashing underneth marble steps. I’ll have to figure out a way to post a video I have so you can all hear. We walked through the city seeing a couple famous churches and old ruins.

We then made our way to Split where the sun was shinning in full force! We took a tour of Diocletian’s Palace which is the retirement home of the former Roman Emperor. The palace has certain parts of it preserved but the rest has become a pedastrian area with shops throughout. Our tour guide was hilarious and had the best voice–he should definitely go into acting. He showed us parts of the palace that were once underwater and were used in Game of Thrones! For you fans out there, we stood in the dragon chamber and in a few areas of when Daenerys was in Meereen. So cool!