Let there be wine!

Headed to the Topola region of Serbia today. Along the way, our tour guide surprised us with some fresh Serbian raspberries while we were stopped at a toll station. Yum! Visited the Royal Winery and walked through their subterranean cellar filled with hundreds of huge, fermenting barrels. We enjoyed seeing the winemaking equipment from this 150 year old winery–must have been a lot of work to make wine back then!

We then drove to Oplenac and walked through St. George’s Church which sits atop a mountain over looking the rolling hills of the area. This incredible church was hand laid with mosaic tiles throughout all the walls and ceilings. It was breathtaking!

On to some wine tasting at one of Serbian’s famous wineries, Aleksandrovic. Greeted with their award winning sparkling wine, we watched a brief movie on this history of this seasoned winery and toured their vast underground cellar. We finished the remaining tastings along with a plentiful spread of mezze and small bites. Everything was fantastic!

Dined at Dva Jelena for dinner where we were spoiled with platters and platters of authentic Serbian food- mezze, cabbage salad, fresh bread, meat and potatoes. Homemade cevapi, pleskavice, smoked sausage and lamb! Throughout dinner we were serenaded by Tamburica Pet, a local band that the Quinn family has known for over 12 years. A great group!