Plum Brandy



We use the coveted Damson plum to create this unique and delicious spirit. The plums are de-stoned, crushed, and fermented into a fragrant plum wine.  The wine is then distilled twice and entered into new French oak for 24 months. Jammy notes of rich plum softened with vanilla provide an exquisite tasting experience. Enjoy chilled or neat.

Distiller’s Notes

Our delicious plum brandy, traditionally known as Slivovitz, is a fragrant and unique brandy that has origins in central and eastern Europe. Damson plums are picked at the peak of ripeness and macerated before fermentation. Maceration allows the Damson plums to fully ferment while imparting the most flavorful and aromatic aspects of the plum into the resulting wine. The plum wine is then distilled and barreled in new French oak for a minimum of two years. Our plum brandy is a unique spirit that embodies a light amber color and a fresh plum, fruit forward nose. This brandy is nostalgic for many of our customers who have European heritage, but is also a pleasant surprise to those who have never tried it. Soft vanilla notes shine through subtle spice and oak, with a clean silk finish.


80 Proof | 40% ABV | 750 ml


*Distillery products can only be shipped within California at this time.


  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Bottle size: 750 ml
  • ANWD Product Type: Spirit
  • Alcohol %: 40 %
  • Department: Spirit

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