Pear Brandy



Williams Pear brandy is a delicious fruit brandy that boasts distinctive pear flavor and aroma. It initially smells like it may taste sweet and although it does contain a hint of sweetness from the pears it is dry pure and dynamic.

Williams pears are harvested at the optimal time to ensure the fruit can finish maturing before processing. The whole pear is processed into a mash that undergoes temperature controlled fermentation. Once the pear mash is finished with fermentation it is distilled into a delicious pear brandy. The distillate coming off the still is rested in a neutral container for up to a year which allows it to mellow. This encourages more flavor and aroma to present itself while simultaneously decreasing the perceived alcohol intensity.

No pear flavoring is added to this brandy. The flavor and aroma are directly from the fermented and distilled fruit. It takes careful and precise processing of the fruit to maintain its character throughout production.


*Distillery products can only be shipped within California at this time.


  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Bottle size: 375 ml
  • ANWD Product Type: Spirit
  • Alcohol %: 40 %
  • Department: Spirit

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