Long, deep caves!

We began the day with a drive to Ljubljana, Slovenia today. The city was so charming with cafes along the river, pedestrian streets and adorable bridge crossings. It looked liked what I imagine Italy to look like! Our tour director, Jon, is from here in Slovenia so we were spoiled with lots of inside information.

On to the Postojna caves which were fasinating! Pictures do not do it justice, seriously. The height and depth of these caves are incredible. It spans over 24,000 meters underground, although we only walked 4,000 meters of the caves which already seemed massive! We had fun riding an electric train through the beginning and end of the caves–at times we felt it necessary to duck under some low hanging parts! Overall it was a very neat experience and none of us could say we’ve ever seen anything like it!

Although we didn’t visit any wineries today, we had plenty flowing while on the bus! We sipped on some Skrlet while seeing the Slovenian country side. It was perfect!